I want the time you spend training with me to be safe and enjoyable so it’s important you let me know of any illness, injury or medical condition you may have that could be aggravated by karate training. Such information will be treated with the strictest confidence.
We run training and grading sessions regularly (4 Per Year)

The lesson fees are outlined below and once you join T.V.S.K. you will need to train regularly to improve.

Individual per Lesson £5
Family of 3 per Lesson £13
Family of 4 per Lesson £15
Additional £2.50 per Lesson

We train all year round however availability of the hall during school holidays means the club may close down for these periods.
If after a few weeks you wish to continue training with us you will be expected to join the T.V.S.K.
When you are ready to join ask me for a new member’s information pack which contains membership and insurance forms.

We are currently promoting a special offer where, if you join within 4 weeks of your first lesson you will receive lifetime membership, karate suit, belt, embroidered badges, licence and first year’s insurance for £50.00. This is a saving of £18.00 pounds off the normal price of £68.00.

After joining your ongoing costs are annual insurance renewal, club fees and grading costs